TUNAY LTD. founded in 2002. Main activity of our company is in the field of Electricity and Electronics. In the electricity part, High Power Transmission Lines and Transformators installations, maintenance – reparation, engineering responsibility of High Power Systems, and Technical Services are our main activities.

In the electronics part, as it can be seen in the representations part of our website, we are the representative of two European electronics companies (BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd., Totaltel Telecom Techniques Ltd.) in the sales area of Turkey.

Tunay Ltd., by the establishment in 2002, has become the offical representative of Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd. Microwave Development and Manufacturing Company. In 2004, Tunay Ltd. has won the Technical Services Adjudication of Kuşadası Public Hospital and maintained one and a half years with success. In the same year, we became a trade mark by registering to T.C. Turkish Patent Institute. Representation contracts signed, in 2007 for Totaltel Telecom Techniques Ltd. and in 2009 for Dunaker Ltd. Dunaker Ltd. is a Hungarian trading company with decennial traditions and present at the European markets as an exporter of wood industrial and foresty basic materials, semi-finished products and finished goods.

Tunay Ltd. has paid all the establishment capital charges, and has no any tax debts to the government. Our main target is, to become a strong company in the field of Microwave Telecommunications and to bring the continuously developing technologies to Turkey.

We came to this point by only our self efforts without taking any physical or moral help and trying to reach our target with certain steps. That’s why, the saying of old Europeans “Poverty makes you create” is our principle.



Cumhuriyet Mah. Süleyman Demirel Bulv. Tunay İş Merkezi

No: 20/206 Kuşadası / TÜRKİYE

Tel / Fax: +90 256 614 1684